About Wildlife ACT

Wildlife ACT was co-founded in 2008 by 3 individuals, Johan Maree, Chris Kelly and Dr Simon Morgan, who were determined to find a way of ensuring sustainable, long-term monitoring and conservation projects. Many African game reserves do not have the funds or capacity to run effective wildlife conservation projects despite monitoring being an essential part of conservation. Wildlife ACT assists these game reserves by providing tracking and monitoring services free of charge. Wildlife ACT is unique in that we actively advance conservation by initiating, implementing and managing monitoring projects on reserves which do not have existing monitoring programmes in place; or by taking over existing monitoring projects on reserves that can no longer fund or manage them.

To fund our monitoring projects, Wildlife ACT runs a wildlife volunteer program. Volunteers who join in important conservation work get both a wildlife experience and make a contribution to conservation through their time, efforts and funds. We’re currently focused in Zululand and are 100% reliant on the support of our conservation volunteers, who assist our monitors in their daily tracking and monitoring of endangered wildlife species such as African Wild Dogs, Cheetah and Black Rhino, as well as priority species such as Elephant, Lion, Leopard and many more. Conservation volunteers get far more than the typical safari experience by playing an active role in REAL conservation.