Meet the Team

We are a small team of passionate and professional conservationists actively protecting the future of endangered animals. The founding members of Wildlife ACT are Dr Simon Morgan, Chris Kelly and Johan Maree. Together they have over 30 years of ecology experience.

Knowledgeable and competent wildlife monitors conduct the monitoring sessions and run the day-to-day activities on the reserves. They are charismatic conservationists who are mostly from research or field guide backgrounds. We all share a love for animals, adventure and preserving the unique South African environment.

Chris Kelly

Co-Founder and Executive Trustee
After working on a fair number of reserves across South Africa, I realised the need for properly managed and funded monitoring programs on reserves which had priority species. Following this Jo, Simon and I got together and established Wildlife ACT in Zululand in 2008.

Johan Maree

Co-Founder and Chairperson
Growing up in rural Africa, I have always been aware of the fact that wildlife conservation efforts and community development needs did not always meet. This is when I made the decision to leave the 9 to 5 world and help establish Wildlife ACT. You can call me Jo!

Dr. Simon Morgan

Co-Founder and Executive Trustee
After completing a degree in Zoology at Stellenbosch University, I moved to Zululand where I was employed as a Black Rhino monitor. It was during this process that we noticed the need for the enhancement and outsourcing of existing monitoring programs, now called Wildlife ACT.

Mark Gerrard

Managing Director
In Africa, many people living near wilderness areas rely on natural resources. There's a strong connection between the health of the environment & these communities. By exposing people to the work being done to protect these areas I believe that we can generate support for their conservation.

David Ryan

Wildlife ACT Trustee and Founder & CEO of Rhino Africa
I was born in the old-world seaside suburb, Fish Hoek, Cape Town. Living in close proximity to the ocean, I was incredibly lucky to always have an interaction with nature and the outdoors. At the end of the day, I am motivated by my passion for conservation.

Nicole Copley

Wildlife ACT Trustee and NGO Lawyer
Nicole works for a wide range of types and sizes of organisation. She aims to provide a pragmatic and efficient service to all of her clients. She has been working for NGOs for 24 years, and has seen many changes in NGO legislation and the NGO environment, in that time.

Scott Christensen

Wildlife ACT Trustee
I grew up in Minnesota, home of the great outdoors. Drawing upon 4 years in public policy research, a 25-year career in investment banking, and a decade of board service in the education field, I am fortunate now to spend more time on conservation issues I care deeply about.

Di Botha

Wildlife ACT Trustee
Wilderness and my place in it have guided my life’s journey. I grew up in a family that spontaneously took off into the bush in an old Willy’s Jeep station wagon; the dustier the road and more remote, the better. Challenges facing the natural world continue to engage me...

Taryn Gilroy

Operations Counsel
I was born in Zululand, and although I grew up and was schooled in Durban, I spent the majority of my time on various KZN game reserves with my grandparents, who worked for the Natal Parks Board. I went on to complete a BSc. Hons. in Conservation Biology.

Lesley Foster

Accounts Manager
I have had a career in bookkeeping for many years, but working for Wildlife ACT is the merging of my loves of accounting and conservation – basically it is my dream job!

Roslyn Greeff

A Capetonian now but a farm girl by heart. I grew up on a farm in the KZN Midlands and some of my fondest childhood memories are from my time in the Drakensberg. I'm an avid wildlife enthusiast and love being outdoors. Getting the opportunity to work for Wildlife ACT is hands-down a highlight...

Bronwen Kelly

Reservations Manager
I have been working for Wildlife ACT since 2010, and I have come to know some amazing people over the years! Wildlife ACT is very lucky to have such incredible supporters. My husband and I are currently based at the Ranger’s Outpost in the remote Wilderness section of iMfolozi.

Galen Schultz

Digital Marketing Manager
Hello Internet! I'm Galen which means “curious person” in ancient Greek. Jo found me during an Internet search in July 2015. Next thing I knew I was in the Zululand bush meeting the entire team! I am extremely chuffed to be working for such an inspiring, hard-working and passionate group...

Zama Ncube

Community Conservation Manager
I grew up next to a game reserve and listened with fascination to the stories my granny and father shared about the bush, but the decision to become a Rhino Monitor came to light when I was lucky enough to help with the introduction of Black Rhinos to a game reserve as part of the WWF Black...

Thokozani Mlambo

Community Conservation Liaison
Thokozani worked as a guide and wildlife ambassador for many years before joining Wildlife ACT. In 2015 he was honoured with a Conservation Hero Award from the Disney Conservation Fund - an award that recognizes local citizens for their outstanding efforts to protect wildlife and wild places...

Sboniso Mazolo

Community Conservation Liaison
Sboniso has been involved in conservation for many years. Even before joining the Wildlife ACT Team Sboniso had started a few of his own wildlife ambassador clubs. Here he teaches community members about conservation which involves discussing ways to encourage sustainability and reduce...

Anel Olivier

Operations Manager North, Research Coordinator & Vulture Conservation Programme Manager
Ever since a passionate, young female ranger took the 11-year-old me on an unforgettable night drive in the Kalahari, my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of my future and there was no turning back.

Pippa Orpen

Operations Manager Manyoni, & Conservation Safari Coordinator
I joined the Wildlife ACT team in July 2014 after spending nine years as a winemaker on my family farm in Stellenbosch. I am particularly lucky to be a part of a rather large pack of African Wild Dogs.

Megan Hudson

Operations Manager South, and Conservation Course & Training Manager
Since childhood I’ve had a powerful pull towards the wild. Growing up visiting reserves has been one of the most eye-opening experiences and has had a huge impact on my becoming a conservationist.

PJ Roberts

Emergency Response Manager: North
Growing up in Cape Town with the mountains, valleys and ocean surrounding you, it is difficult not to have a real appreciation for the intrinsic value of nature. Inspired to ensure that the natural world continues to function, I embarked upon an adventure I’ve never looked back on.

Mike Staegemann

Emergency Response Manager: South, and Conservation Course Assistant
I completed my Undergraduate & Honours degree in Marine Biology and later my Masters in Terrestrial Ecology. After completing my Masters I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to realise my dream by working as a priority species monitor for Wildlife ACT - a real privilege.

Danielle Theron

Leopard Survey Monitor, & Conservation Safari Coordinator
I decided there was nothing else I would rather do than preserve our beautiful land and chose a career in Nature Conservation. My third year was a real eye-opener which I spent in Senegal.

Chris du Toit

Priority Species Monitor: iMfolozi
After high school I volunteered with Wildlife ACT and could not believe that you could have a job where you spent your days out in the bush looking for Painted Dogs and other endangered animals. I loved the experience so much so that it motivated me to pursue a career in conservation.

Linay Laas

Priority Species Monitor: uMkhuze
I’m extremely happy to be a part of the Wildlife ACT Pack, living and breathing active conservation. Learning first-hand from experience in the bush has been invaluable to my development as a conservationist and I now strive towards putting this to good use with my new Wildlife ACT family.

Marco Michau

Priority Species Monitor: uMkhuze
I have studied a National Diploma in Nature Conservation which opened my eyes to so much more about the bush. I am very grateful for the job I have and will continue striving to conserve nature.

Kayleigh Webber

Priority Species Monitor: Tembe
I studied at the University of Pretoria and obtained my undergraduate degree BSc Zoology in 2015. The following year I obtained my postgraduate degree BSc (Hons) in Wildlife Management. South Africa is such a wildly beautiful country and I feel so lucky to live in the thick of it, whilst doing...

Coenraad Berrange

Priority Species Monitor: Manyoni
In search of a more practical experience, I decided to volunteer with Wildlife ACT in January 2021 for four weeks. After my time as a volunteer, Wildlife ACT was kind enough to provide me with the opportunity to work with this amazing team where I can contribute to real conservation work.

Marumo Nene

Priority Species Monitor: Hluhluwe
I was born in Hlabisa, a town in Northern KwaZulu-Natal (Zululand). I grew up and attended school there, after which I moved to Durban to study Public Relations through UNISA. Public Relations was not what I really wanted to do - my real desire was to work in the outdoors.

Kaeleah Andrew

Priority Species Monitor: Hluhluwe
I joined Wildlife ACT after spending a year at Lapalala Wilderness Reserve in Limpopo for my Masters Degree, looking at the diet of reintroduced Lions and Cheetahs, which reinforced my desire to study and conserve African carnivores.

Jarryd Foster

Priority Species Monitor: iMfolozi
I briefly returned to the Kruger to work as a field assistant before I was given the opportunity to work for Wildlife ACT. All it took was a glance at the job description and I was in! I feel very privileged to work so closely with some of Africa’s most charismatic and threatened species.

Jamie-Lee Carle

Priority Species Monitor: Hluhluwe/iMfolozi
From a young age I have always had a keen curiosity and love for nature. I was born and raised in Johannesburg and always intended to pursue a career in something nature related. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology in 2015 and from there decided I wanted more field experience.

Nico Kritzinger

Priority Species Monitor: Southern Drakensberg
In 2016 I went down to the Eastern Cape where I worked with veterinary students for two years, but I soon realized that I wanted do more conservation work. I've followed the work of Wildlife ACT for a few years and thought that what they did was amazing, and it truly is.

Wihan Pretorius

Priority Species Monitor: Lapalala
Wildlife ACT called and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to join the team. Being in the field everyday and seeing the animals is such an amazing privilege and experience that makes everything worthwhile.