Angelique Lazarus

Priority Species Monitor: iMfolozi

Some of my favourite memories as a young child involve my mum taking me to natural science museums, which sparked my interest and passion for the environment. I have spent the greater part of the last 10 years working towards different environmental causes, for a range of different organisations both government and NGO, based in urban and rural areas. I have a Masters degree in Terrestrial Biology, focused on Restoration Ecology.

After several years of various research roles including a year in the Kalahari collecting behavioural data on Meerkats, and a short stint as a consultant, I realised that my interests had shifted from research and environmental management to understanding the mechanisms of conservation management in Southern Africa. Of course, Wildlife ACT is the best organisation to gain quality conservation experience.

These past few months have been an absolute privilege, working closely with some of Africa’s most majestic yet threatened species. It is incredibly fulfilling to contribute to wildlife conservation by monitoring priority species in Zululand, with a team who share my passion and enthusiasm for the preservation of novel African species.