Eduard Drost

Priority Species Monitor: Leopard Survey

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to experience the African bush in different areas of South Africa with my parents. My love and fascination for animals and birds grew as I always loved to observe the different behaviours I came to notice in the different animals. I completed my Zoology undergraduate degree after which I was fortunate enough to also complete my Masters and gain experience overseas doing research on Marine Mammals. I always loved spending my time out in the bush or by the ocean especially as I came to a greater understanding of the intricate balance of different ecosystems and the various components that are linked within them.

Even though I have a true passion for marine life, I always found it difficult to choose between Terrestrial and Marine conservation work. I knew I wanted to contribute to the protection and advancement of knowledge within the field of conservation in some way. My love for the natural environment continues to grow each day with the opportunity that Wildlife ACT has given me to be part of the Team. The childhood dream of wanting to make a difference in the field of conservation, has come true.