Kaeleah Andrew

Priority Species Monitor: Hluhluwe

I grew up in the beautiful Eastern Cape province of South Africa, and with the influence of my marine biologist and environmental scientist parents, I always knew that I wanted to work with animals. I have taken every opportunity to live and work in the bush, which has led me on amazing adventures working with and studying an array of animals such as Ground Squirrels and Molerats in the Kalahari, Otters in the Eastern Cape, Baboons in the Western Cape and Leopards and Spotted Hyenas in Malawi.

I joined Wildlife ACT after spending a year at Lapalala Wilderness Reserve in Limpopo for my Masters Degree, looking at the diet of reintroduced Lions and Cheetahs, which reinforced my desire to study and conserve African carnivores. I am always eager to embrace the philosophy that “you learn something new in the bush every day” and I strive to understand the intricate relationships between the animals and their environments that I find myself surrounded by.