Khwai Community Concession

Khwai Community Concession (NG18) is over 1,815 sq kilometres in size, with its southern boundary lying on the Moremi Game Reserve boundary and its western edge forming the Chobe National Park boundary. The village of Khwai and home of the management entity Khwai Development Trust, is situated on the boundary between NG 19 and NG 18. The area is largely made up for Mopane Woodland with floodplains occurring in the southern section of this large wildlife concession.

Tau Camp where our monitoring team is based is in the south western area of the concession, on a beautiful island situated on the edge of the floodplain. The unfenced camp is very basic and runs on solar power and water from the river. Students are accommodated in large canvas units with ensuite bathrooms. A spacious thatched central area makes up our work and eating area. The kitchen and laundry are combined and lie close to the central area.

Cooking and cleaning will be done on rotation, with students doing their own laundry during their stay.

The camp is run on solar power, therefore power supply in the day in addition to the night will be limited. However, the system will be able to power electronic devices and power lights in all the rooms.

There is no internet connection in the camp itself and the team will be stopping in a the closest camp – Banoka Bush Camp in order to send and receive mails and spend an hour on the internet. If you would like to be active in staying in contact with friends and family, it is advised that you bring your own laptop or device with which to write emails, download pictures or anything of that matter.