Blog posts for November 2012

Lion contraception on Thanda

On Thanda Game Reserve, Wildlife ACT focuses monitoring efforts on the African Painted Dog, Cheetah and Rhino. We don’t monitor Lions intensively but help gather data now and again as they can have...
27 Nov 2012 | Wildlife ACT
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Wildlife ACT’s Movember challenge

We have some pretty good looking Movembers so far! We challenged our endangered wildlife monitors to our very own Movember challenge. Here is Chris Kelly, Simon Morgan and Cole du Plessis showing...
23 Nov 2012 | Wildlife ACT
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Tree climbing lions in Tembe Elephant Park

Lions often climb trees to escape the heat or, like these young cubs, use the branches as a jungle gym! These great lion photographs were taken by Dennis King, a tourist at Tembe Elephant Park. We...
20 Nov 2012 | Wildlife ACT
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Help us name the new Wild Dog pups in Tembe

Wildlife ACT recently announced the arrival of six new little Wild Dog puppies in Tembe Elephant Park. Our conservation volunteers are currently trying to sex the Wild Dog pups and create...
16 Nov 2012 | Wildlife ACT
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Cats always land on their feet!

The iMfolozi conservation volunteers and Antoine Marchal had a great laugh while watching a male cheetah scent-marking a tree in iMfolozi section of Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park. The cheetah fell out of...
13 Nov 2012 | Wildlife ACT
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