Blog posts for June 2013

Aardvarks – the architects of the African bush

The word Aardvark translates to ‘earth pig’, which in my opinion, hits the nail on the head. It’s an odd looking animal with a thick tail, large ears and a pig-like snout. Their abandoned holes...
26 Jun 2013 | Wildlife ACT
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Wildlife ACT meets Kingsley Holgate in KZN

Wildlife ACT's Mkhuze conservation volunteers were out early one morning when a vehicle parked next to them. To their amazement... it was Kingsley Holgate. Kingsley Holgate is a South African...
25 Jun 2013 | Wildlife ACT
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What is a Rhino Midden?

‘Midden’ is the name given to a dung heap or an area of communal defecation. Many animals make use of middens including white rhinos. A white rhino midden can be over an incredible three metres...
05 Jun 2013 | Wildlife ACT
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Capturing the Thanda Wild Dog pack

Over the last two months, Wildlife ACT has been assisting with the relocation process of the African Wild Dog pack on Thanda Private Game Reserve, South Africa. The decision was made that the pack...
04 Jun 2013 | Simon Morgan
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