Blog posts for May 2014

The lost tracking collar of the Sokhwezela pack

Neo, the alpha female of the Sokhwezela wild dog pack has died, we suspect due to a territorial dispute between the two large packs.She was fitted with a tracking collar which alerted us to her death.
30 May 2014 | Wildlife ACT
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Fighting Antelope Caught on Camera

For antelope species fighting is a way of determining dominance. Reproductive competition between male antelope can be intense and may even result in death.
16 May 2014 | Wildlife ACT
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Meet the Zimanga Wild Dogs!

Unfortunately, African wild dogs are so endangered that conservation groups must manage basic processes that they are no longer able to perform themselves, such as dividing and reforming their packs.
12 May 2014 | Wildlife ACT
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Tembe: Lions and the circle of life

After the tragic loss of Tembe the big male lion to a snaring incident last month, it has been great to see his two sons uKosh and Beaufort patrolling his former territory and embroiled in a battle...
08 May 2014 | Wildlife ACT
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