Blog posts for June 2015

Wild Dog Puppies on Somkhanda Game Reserve!

The wild dog pups on Somkhanda have arrived! We can finally say that the pack of three wild dogs has successfully denned and are currently raising a litter of puppies that are over a month old. Watch...
16 Jun 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Lion Monitoring During Winter in Zululand

As we enter the winter months in Zululand, the cooler days and drier landscapes make predator viewing much easier. During the past few weeks our lion monitoring sessions have yielded some incredible...
12 Jun 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Cheetah tracking for the Khwai Team

The Kwai team were concerned when they saw a cheetah cub darting off on it's own, so they put their tracking skills to the test to find the adult cheetah.
10 Jun 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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