Blog posts in Botswana

It’s all Zebra Stripes in Chobe

Masters student Josie arrived in the Chobe Enclave to do research on the dwindling zebra numbers in the area. She tells us about her experience so far...
09 Jul 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Cheetah tracking for the Khwai Team

The Kwai team were concerned when they saw a cheetah cub darting off on it's own, so they put their tracking skills to the test to find the adult cheetah.
10 Jun 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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The Khwai Explorers

The students in Botswana were treated to a guided walk through the Khwai Community Concession, which allowed them a different view of their surroundings.
05 May 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Leopard vs Maribu Stork in Okavango Delta

Another unbelievable leopard sighting was enjoyed by Wildlife ACT Botswana students recently! A female leopard was sighted in the shade of a tree intently staring at a Maribu Stork about 100m away...
24 Feb 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Leopard killing an African Wildcat in Botswana

They're not called 'elusive leopards' for nothing. It's a privilege to view these spectacular big cats in their natural environment, let alone watching them make a kill. What makes this scene even...
28 Jan 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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