Blog posts in Tembe Elephant Park Research Camp

Farewell Paule Garnero

We recently saw the end of an era. Ms Paule Garnero, the most audacious, tempestuous and dedicated conservation monitor Wildlife ACT has ever had, has returned to her home country of France.
06 Mar 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Lion cubs in Tembe Elephant Park

Wildlife ACT's conservation volunteer, Scott McCord, braved the midday African heat to catch a glimpse of something special at Mahlasela hide in Tembe Elephant Park.
30 Jan 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Lion Cubs Stalking our Conservation Volunteers

One early morning monitoring session we found Milo’s two lion cubs alone on the road, as mom had gone walkabout. Initially they were a little skittish but they soon built up courage and began to...
25 Apr 2014 | Wildlife ACT
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Tembe Wild Dog Puppies, Lions and Rhino

The 8 Wild Dog puppies in Tembe National Elephant Park are healthy and growing daily. Having four captive-bred males as new fathers was initially cause for concern for this wild dog pack, but they...
29 Oct 2010 | Wildlife ACT
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