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Celebrating World Wildlife Day 2017

For World Wildlife Day 2017 we are sharing some interesting facts about some of the animals that need our help most and explaining a bit why they are so important to Africa’s ecosystems.  ...
28 Feb 2017 | Wildlife ACT
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Face-off between 2 Cheetah Coalitions

Best. Day. Ever. Being Summertime our days usually start early around 3.30am and end rather late in the evenings allowing us to get all nocturnal, crepuscular and diurnal priority animals monitored....
09 Jan 2017 | Wildlife ACT
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What Are Priority Species?

A priority species is any animal species which is of management concern on a wildlife reserve we are working on and are considered as such for any number of reasons. The African Wild Dog for example...
26 Oct 2016 | Wildlife ACT
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Cheetah Scent Marking

Cheetah scent marking involves spraying urine and defecating on landmarks. It is often done by males competing for the best hunting grounds. Scent is one of the main communication channels among...
25 Oct 2016 | Wildlife ACT
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Cheetah and African Wild Dog Anatomy & Hunting

We were fortunate to have some veterinary students with us a while ago who took the time to look into Cheetah and African Wild Dog anatomy in terms of the body parts used for hunting. Here’s what...
04 Oct 2016 | Wildlife ACT
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Cheetah tracking for the Khwai Team

The Kwai team were concerned when they saw a cheetah cub darting off on it's own, so they put their tracking skills to the test to find the adult cheetah.
10 Jun 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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