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Elephant Breeding Herd sniffs us out!

The basic unit of elephant society is a stable family group of closely related adult females with young of various ages. Each herd is usually led by the oldest female – the matriarch. She...
07 Sep 2017 | Wildlife ACT
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Celebrating World Wildlife Day 2017

For World Wildlife Day 2017 we are sharing some interesting facts about some of the animals that need our help most and explaining a bit why they are so important to Africa’s ecosystems.  ...
28 Feb 2017 | Wildlife ACT
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Swimming elephants and the guinea fowl

Watching a breeding herd of elephants swim across the mighty Hluhluwe River and then witnessing a guinea fowl thinking it was an elephant is a memory I'll never forget.
20 Jun 2014 | Wildlife ACT
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Two fantastic elephant sightings in Hluhluwe

The conservation volunteers at Hluhluwe had a hectic weekend – rushing from one activity to the next, without much free time at all. Both Felix Husemann and Moira Stewart loved every moment of...
24 Oct 2012 | Wildlife ACT
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