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Court Lifts Ban on Rhino Horn Trade: What Now?

In 2015, news was released about the local (South African) government lifting the ban on rhino horn trade – paving the way for legal trade in rhino horn within the borders of South Africa. What...
26 Nov 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Regaining Africa’s Pride

It is hard working in the conservation world and really being able to see a positive light at the end of the dark, gloomy and (for many of the people working on the front lines), treacherous tunnel....
22 Sep 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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Rhino Conservation hero, Zama Ncube

Here is a story from a conservation hero who works to protect and conserve our natural world every day. Zama Ncube is the head rhino monitor on Somkhanda Game Reserve.
23 Mar 2015 | Wildlife ACT
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