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Somkhanda Welcomes Four New Lion Cubs

On 29 May the Somkhanda Game Reserve priority species monitoring team heard the sound of very young lion cubs vocalising close to what was thought to perhaps be a den site. “For the next two months...
24 Aug 2018 | Wildlife ACT
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Elephant Poaching Incident Report

A recent report from Elephants Without Borders has detailed a sighting of 48 elephant carcasses in a single day whilst flying over an unnamed region of Botswana, currently believed to be one of...
06 Aug 2018 | Wildlife ACT
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What Are Priority Species?

A priority species is any animal species which is of management concern on a wildlife reserve we are working on and are considered as such for any number of reasons. The African Wild Dog for example...
26 Oct 2016 | Wildlife ACT
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Wildlife Conservation Lessons from India

Indian conservation lessons from a hot and humid land with people a plenty, invisible boundaries and an abundance of wildlife By Dr Simon Morgan India, my father’s birthplace and therefore an...
26 Jan 2016 | Wildlife ACT
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