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Wildlife ACT conducts intensive endangered species monitoring work in Zululand, South Africa. This requires us and student volunteers to go out into the reserve every day and find these animals using either VHF tracking equipment (which you will be given instruction on how to operate) or conventional spoor tracking techniques. We also develop photo and illustrated identikits of all the species we help monitor. Before you design a project based on our work in South Africa, it is best that you first understand the work which we do and within that the scope of data we have available for analysis and the environment within which you can collect additional data.
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Undergrad Student Projects – South Africa

From a student perspective the field of monitoring offers a bounty of opportunities for data collection, whether it be from as simple as recording a location and noting the surrounding habitat through to dung collection and DNA analyses. Students and researchers could ask for access to previous information collected before they arrived, so as to enhance their data set and projects. The depth of this can be discussed and formulated by the students with Wildlife ACT’s lead researcher, Dr. Simon Morgan, to ensure meaningful wildlife conservation projects are developed.


Field Research and Learning

Zululand, South Africa
Project Type:
Student | Intern
2 weeks +
$1341.00 First 2 weeks
$953.60 Every following 2 weeks.

Whether you would like to complete a research study as part as your undergraduate course, a dissertation, or simply complete an experiential learning module in South Africa, there are a wealth of options for you to consider. Join a team of professional conservationists and wildlife monitors in the field for a hands-on, practical learning experience in Zululand, South Africa.

$1341.00 First 2 weeks
$953.60 Every following 2 weeks.
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