Tracking for Conservationists Course

Spoor, Signs & Tracking Technologies

Wildlife ACT has taken the many years of experience from its most skilled trackers, to develop a unique 8-week conservation-focused virtual course, presented by two of our experienced field staff, Megan Hudson and Hollie M’gog. Whether you are planning a career in conservation or just wish to boost your field skills, then this wildlife tracking course will further your appreciation and understanding of an age-old art.

Learn to build your awareness of the ground, aerial and vocal clues that surround us, learn about wildlife tracking technology and learn how tracks and signs are incorporated into the development of conservation initiatives, especially those pertaining to the field-based conservation of endangered and priority species.

Course Details:

Course Date:  05 April – 31 May 2021.

Duration: 8 Weeks

Platform: Teachable Inc.

Cost: €119 for the full, 8 week course. Discount offered to previous students.

Eligibility: To anyone interested in the science and art of wildlife tracking.

Live Q+A’s: Thursdays at 18h30 (GMT+0)

Quiz: The course will conclude with an online quiz, with certificates of completion provided.

Next Course Dates: This course will run again on 07 June 2021.


Course Outline:

  • Lecture One: The Fundamentals of Track & Sign  
  • Lecture Two: Interpreting Ethology Signs & Signals
  • Lecture Three: An Introduction to Scat & to Tracking Techniques
  • Lecture Four: Tracking Birds Through Pellets & Prints
  • Lecture Five: Animal Behaviours, Signalling & Communication
  • Lecture Six: Gaits & Track Sequencing
  • Lecture Seven: Tracking as a Craft in Anti-poaching
  • Lecture Eight: Wildlife Crime & the Illegal Trade: Part 1
  • Lecture Nine: Wildlife Crime & the Illegal Trade: Part 2
  • Lecture Ten: Tracking Wildlife Crime
  • Lecture Eleven: Monitoring & Tracking Technologies
  • Lecture Twelve: Tracking with Technology
  • Lecture Thirteen: Nocturnal Tracking
  • Lecture Fourteen: e- and i- DNA & Algorithm Tracking
  • Lecture Fifteen: Wildlife ACT’s use of Monitoring & Tracking
  • Lecture Sixteen: Reviewing & Recapping our Scene Investigations

Course Basic Structure:

  • 16 lectures over 8 weeks
  • Two 40-60 minute lectures a week
  • One quiz a week
  • One 60min Q&A session per week 
  • Course notes in PDF distributed weekly

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