Mapping as a Tool for Conservationists

This wildlife mapping course focuses on practical mapping skills and is an activity-based learning experience in Qgis and ArcGIS. It introduces students to the different forms of mapping using GIS, GPS and remote sensing and using these as tools to solve the practical issues of species and habitat conservation. We look at the value of wildlife mapping within conservation, measurements, visualisations and scaling of data to map migrations, wildlife movements, invasive plants and human-wildlife interfaces. Students will look at software, data-sets, documentation and wildlife mapping principles and projections. Students will aim, alongside their learning, to practically map Leopard territories within a protected area in Southern Africa using either ArcGIS or Qgis.

Course Details:

Course Date:  15 February – 15 March 2021.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Platform: Teachable Inc.

Cost: €150 for the full, 4 week course. Discount offered to previous students.

Eligibility: For anyone wanting to learn to use GIS as a monitoring tool to promote successful conservation interventions.

Live Q+A’s: Wednesdays at 18h30 (GMT+0)

Next Course Dates: This course will run again on 22 March, 26 April, 31 May and 05 June 2021.

Wildlife Mapping as a Tool for Conservationists

Course Basic Structure:

Over 4 four weeks there are 5 one hour lectures, 3 scientific papers to read, a deeply immersive practical wildlife mapping activity where you will map the territories of 7 Leopard and 4 mapping clinics where you can work through any issues you have in the practical activity and ask any questions that you may have from the lectures.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Wildlife Mapping for Conservationists

  • Getting Started
  • Live Introductory Class
  • FAQ’s

The Practical Project

  • Where in the World are we Mapping?
  • Downloadable Files, Components & Activity Instructions
  • How the Live ‘Mapping Clinics’ Work

Week One

  • Your Study Notes
  • A Mapping Introduction: The Practical Issues of Conservation
  • The Value of Mapping: Measuring & Visualising
  • Practical Component Clinic: Week One

Week Two

  • Your Study Notes
  • Mapping Migrations: Mammals, Birds & Butterflies
  • Mapping Human-wildlife Conflict & Co-habitation
  • Practical Component Clinic: Week Two

Week Three

  • Your Study Notes
  • Software, Datasets & Documentation: Principles & Projections
  • Resources for Wildlife Mapping in Conservation
  • Practical Component Clinic: Week Three

Week Four & Wrapping Up

  • Practical Component Clinic: Week Four A
  • Practical Component Clinic: Week Four B

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