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Mature Wildlife Volunteer Projects in Africa

“The lion is next to the truck,” our monitor whispered. Slowly, I raised my head and sure enough there was the lion we had been tracking for two days. I pulled my head back into the vehicle and...
13 Aug 2018 | Wildlife ACT
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Elephant Poaching Incident Report

A recent report from Elephants Without Borders has detailed a sighting of 48 elephant carcasses in a single day whilst flying over an unnamed region of Botswana, currently believed to be one of...
06 Aug 2018 | Wildlife ACT
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Why are Vultures so Endangered?

A major reason why vultures are so endangered is that they are specifically targeted for their body parts. These are used for traditional medicinal purposes in the “muthi” trade as well...
19 Jul 2018 | Wildlife ACT
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Senior Wildlife Volunteering in Africa

Wildlife ACT offers senior wildlife volunteering opportunities in Africa. Many are under the assumption that African wildlife volunteering is for the young, rather than the young-at-heart. What many...
18 Jul 2018 | Wildlife ACT
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Why are African Wild Dogs so Endangered?

African Wild Dogs are endangered mostly due to ongoing habitat fragmentation, conflict with human activities and infectious disease. The estimated decline in African Wild Dog population size can be...
17 Jul 2018 | Wildlife ACT
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Giraffe – New Endangered Species?

Giraffe are firmly favoured for their spectacular appearance on the African savannah. With adaptations that render them completely unique – dramatically elongated neck, a tough agile black tongue,...
21 Jun 2018 | Wildlife ACT
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